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History of the Chipley Woman’s Club

Posted by on May 5, 2015

Sue Trott CWC presentation

Sue Trott presented the history of the Chipley Woman’s Club to an audience gathered at the Pine Mountain City Hall on Sunday April 26, 2015. The presentation was sponsored by the Chipley Historical Center in Pine Mountain.

The Chipley Woman’s Club began 102 years ago.  Many of the original founders are ancestors of current members.

In the beginning, the women met in each other’s homes. Later they were able to purchase land and eventually build the club house that still exists and is used today.  Once the club house was built it became the center of activity in Chipley.

A ball field with lights, tennis courts, a skating ring and playground were installed. The only one of these that still exists today is the skating rink, but it not in any condition to use for skating.

The women planted a memorial garden of pecan trees to honor WWI veterans.  Ironically, today the Woman’s Club has planted another memorial garden under those pecan trees.

From the beginning, the Woman’s Club was very involved with trying to improve life in Chipley.  They paid for various school programs, worked on what is now the Pine Mountain Cemetery, planted a flower garden in the center of Broad Street, worked to clean the area to reduce flies and mosquitos, and built restrooms for the tourists.

Mrs. Trott’s presentation was very informative.

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